Green Building Specialist

Green Building Partners is the leading sustainable consulting company in Finland specializing in environmental-, energy- and lifecycle services of existing buildings and new construction projects. We are on the cutting edge of Green Technology.

Our References

We are the leading expert in LEED and BREEAM environmental certification consulting in Finland.

We´ve been responsible for hundreds of environmental-, energy- and lifecycle consulting projects of which we are very proud of. We have a profound understanding of the requirements of our customers and have vast experience pursuing towards excellence.

We are an experienced specialist in real estate maintenance development and the leading expert in real estate tax assessments.

Kastelli Community Center

For this project GBP was responsible for LEED certification as well as energy efficiency design & verification. Kastelli has reached LEED GOLD-level certification.

DIXI Tikkurila Commercial Center

Iso Omena Green Building Partners

Iso Omena/ Matinkylä Metro Center

GBP is striving to meet extensive environmental- and energy efficiency targets. Our responsibilities include LEED consulting, energy simulations, energy measurement and verification. Iso Omena has reached LEED PLATINUM level certification.

Sello Shopping Center

Our Services

Our expertise covers Consulting Services for Green Building Practices. Our LEED Accredited Professionals, BREEAM Assessors & BREEAM Accredited Professionals provide expertise improving indoor air quality, energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability.

We also possess strong expertise in Real Estate maintenance development, real estate tax assessments and in strategic design of Real Estate management functions.

We have a vast expertise in integrating sustainable design principles and strategies in all aspects of a real estate project.

Environmental certification

Environmental certification tools provide a global rating platform for green building performance.
Our LEED and BREEAM Professionals offer their depth of expertise to achieve high-performance and cost-efficient solutions for best quality and certification level. Consulting projects includes for example large-scale and mixed-use projects, offices, school facilities, retail developments and shopping malls.

Our experts have provided overall consultancy service for the majority of LEED rated and numerous BREEAM rated projects in Finland. We have by far the most extensive experience which results in cost effective and straightforward environmental rating projects.

• Building Design and Construction
• Interior Design and Construction
• Building Operations and Maintenance
• Neighborhood Development

• Masterplanning for communities
• New Construction
• In-Use
• Refurbishment and Fit-out

Energy efficiency

Our sustainable design consulting team identifies and integrates feasible sustainable design strategies into projects to optimize overall life-cycle performance.

Energy efficiency management provides tools & applicable results to optimize building systems.

Our services consists of:

  • Dynamic simulation and energy analysis
  • Multi-object optimization of life-cycle costs
  • Thermal comfort and daylight calculations
  • Energy management services
  • Energy analysis and modeling of town planning
  • Energy evaluation and certificates
  • LCA and carbon footprint calculations
  • TerveTalo - Coordination
  • Operational verification of building systems
    (GBP ToimivaRakennus)

Development of real estate management functions

We are experts in developing management functions to enhance the performance of real estate with lean processes and clear division of responsibilities.

Real estate management strategy supports our customers to review their operation functions.
By identifying the requirements of development we can improve operational models to be more competent and effective by applying a life-cycle approach.

We have prominent references in development projects such as Technopolis, Ilmarinen and the city of Espoo.

Our key services are implementation of energy efficiency programs (ISO 50001 and ETJ plus), procurement of real estate services eg. maintenance management systems and real estate data systems.

Key drivers for optimizing real estate management are:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Quality-, energy- and environmental efficiency
  • Tenant satisfaction

Real estate tax assessment

Real estate taxation is one of the most significant real estate expenses Comprehensive analysis and optimization of real estate taxation can generate substantial savings in maintenance expenses.

Our professionals have deep knowledge of the details of real estate taxation and can identify potential risks and saving possibilities. We have dozens of references generating successful tax assessments for the largest real estate owners in Finland

The project consists of the following phases:

  • Initial data gathering
  • Evaluation calculations
  • Evaluation summary
  • Appeal letters
  • Monitoring