GBP completed the first WELL Performance Verification assignment – Helvar achieved WELLv2 GOLD

Great job Helvar and congratulations on your achievement of WELLv2 GOLD level certification, being the first in the Nordics to receive it according to the standard version 2! We were honored to be assisting with the certification and especially to complete our first WELL Performance Verification assignment.

Interest in occupant wellbeing is a rapidly growing trend, accelerating WELL certification adoption for spaces and properties as well. We at Green Building Partners are eager to assist with WELL certification projects in the Nordics and rest of Europe, all the way from setting targets to Performance Verification and post-certification duties.


GBP is Finland`s first approved WELL Performance Testing Organization awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). We provide on-site performance testing services to WELL v2 registered projects in Finland and all around the Europe.

For more information about the Helvar`s experience of WELL, please read  Helvar`s News.