GBP to offer WELL Performance Testing for projects pursuing the WELL Building Standard

We are pleased to announce that GBP has been approved as a WELL Performance Testing Organization becoming Finland`s first awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). We provide on-site performance testing services to WELL v2 registered projects in Finland and all around the Europe.

WELL Building Standard™ is a science-based tool for advancing health and well-being of building occupants. The Built environment has a profound impact on human health and wellbeing. Investing on health and wellness in our buildings can result in increased productivity and attractiveness of work environment and companies, for example.

Health and wellbeing can be seen as a next chapter for green buildings and there is a growing interest in wellbeing standards alongside environmental certifications also in Finland. As a forerunner, we wanted to go through the WELL certification process in our own premises and our own office is the first WELL Certified project in the Nordic countries achieving WELL Certification at the Silver level in June 2018. We have a strong presence sharing our expertise in the first projects pursuing WELL Certification in Finland.

WELL is a performance-based system and certification process includes both documentation review and performance verification. GBP has WELL Accredited Professionals and as our team now also includes a WELL Performance Testing Agent, we are able to lead projects throughout the certification process. Performance Verification entails a site visit with performance tests for several air quality, water quality, lighting and acoustic parameters carried out by a WELL Performance Testing Organization, such as GBP, that employs GBCI-trained WELL Performance Testing Agents. Performance verification ensures that the space is not only designed for health, but that it is actually performing as intended.

Our first performance verification cases are already under way. You can find more information about WELL Performance Testing here: .

We occupy leading professionals who are dedicated to supporting health and well-being in the built environment. For further information about any aspects of WELL Certification process or if you have a WELL registered project, please contact us.



Our personnel have been extremely satisfied with the minor improvements made in our Office during the WELL certification process. These include adding biofilia with air-purifying Naava active green walls, adding pull up bars and other activity encouraging equipment in the open space, changing hand washing faucets to more hygienic models and providing additional lighting on request.



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