Green Building Partners Office

Our premises are the first WELL Certified project in the Nordic countries to achieve WELL Certification at the Silver level in June 2018. We also offer WELL Certification consultancy services, and as a forerunner, we wanted to go through the WELL certification process in our own premises.

The WELL documentation was mainly collected by our own experts who have extensive experience related to several WELL Features eg. air flow measurements, thermal comfort simulations and lighting measurements. We only had to do minor adjustments to our organization policies to be fully in line with the WELL requirements. The improvements made in our premises were also relatively easy to apply.

Our personnel have been extremely satisfied with the minor improvements made in our spaces. These include adding biofilia with air-purifying Naava active green walls, adding pull up bars and other activity encouraging equipment in the open space, changing hand washing faucets to more hygienic models and providing additional lighting on request.

According to our occupant survey results after the WELL Certification – 100% of respondents are satisfied with our premises. Also all of the respondents feel efficient and productive in our office which is great feedback to our efforts in providing a healthy and inspirational workspace to our employees. By certifying our own space we also wanted to promote WELL Certification in Finland and have had numerous interested visitors after the certification.